I remember the scene from Cinderella where her Fairy Godmother suddenly appeared and made Cinderella a beautiful dress from rags and some pretty awesome transportation from a pumpkin and some mice. Didn’t we all long for our very own fairy Godmothers when we were little? All just fantasy right?



While we don’t have the ability to do the magical things that Cinderella’s fairy godmother did for her, we can make your postpartum experience just as magical.


Allow me to introduce you to your very own fairy godmother who is custom to your needs. Your postpartum doula. She will come to your home to help you have the most magnificent experience.  Your postpartum doula will cater to not only your baby’s needs but the needs of your entire family. She will help guide you through the early days of parenting and provide excellent information and resources all while supporting your own unique parenting decisions. And she will be available to you during the day, evening or overnight. Yes, we said overnight.

Close your eyes and imagine your baby in the trusting, professional care of your postpartum doula. You jump in your nice warm shower or bath and relax, for this isn’t one of those rushed showers/baths. Then you come out to find your sheets turned down and your warm cozy bed awaiting your tired aching body. Ah, rest. Sweet rest. You awake to find that the baby’s laundry is folded and put away, the dishes from last night’s dinner have been loaded into the dishwasher and it was run, and a nutritious breakfast with your coffee await you. Sounds like something straight out of a fairy tale doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. You, like many other Fredericton and Saint John families, can experience the magical experience that a postpartum doula can bring to your family.

Your Elm City Doula is more than a newborn nanny or night nanny, she takes care of your whole family. Her expert care will help your family adjust to having a new baby added to your family. She will focus on any other children who are in the home and spend quality time with them. She will happily run your errands while you stay home and relax. And she will be an amazing resource on how to develop healthy routines, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, your postpartum recovery and newborn care concerns all while supporting and respecting the decisions you’re making as parents.

Your Elm City Doula has been hand selected for this role and has been professionally trained and vetted to the fullest extent to ensure that you and your family receive nothing but the best.

You’re able to book your own magical experience in as little as 4-hour blocks or as many hours as you’d like.

Your very own fairy godmother, err postpartum doula awaits your call! We’d love to hear from you! 

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