When most of us think of the midway, we think about fun, rides and junk food. However over labour day weekend, fun was the very last thing on one little girl’s mind as well as her parents. 

Imagine realizing your child is missing in a sea of people on the crowded fairgrounds during Fredericton’s NB EX. Where do you go first? Where do you think he is? Do you think she knows how to ask for help? I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have that realization, but for one set of parents and their child that was their reality on labour day. Thankfully the parents were able to locate their child and there was a happy ending for all but if your child were in this situation, would they know how to try and get help?

Here are 5 things to consider before heading out with your children.

The Lost Child Booth

During the NB EX there will be a lost child booth set up. Locate this booth and teach your child that if they were to ever become lost, to go directly to that booth and tell the people working there that they are lost. Make sure you tell them NOT to leave that booth until you come.

Teach Them Your Phone Number 

If your child is not old enough to remember your cell number, you can write it on their arm and cover it with liquid band-aid to avoid it coming off. Once your child is at the lost child booth, tell them to ask someone to call you.

Look For Police

This applies to both of you. BEFORE you go out, teach your child what a police officer looks like and make sure they understand that a police officer will help them when they are lost and scared.

Get A Child harness

Ah yes the stigma of a “child leash.” But you know, if you have a young child who likes to run off or you’re a busy mother in a crowded spot, this is one child product I highly recommend. People can say what they want but at the end of the day, you will do what’s best for you in these situations.



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