Have you recently been invited to a baby shower and have no idea what to bring or want to bring a unique gift rather than the traditional diapers and clothing? Here are ten ideas of what moms really want for gifts.


Meal Delivery Services

No mother wants to worry about getting meals after the baby comes. You can bring an awesome gift card for a service like HelloFresh or another meal service that will bring ready-made meals to her door on a weekly basis. Moms everywhere will love this one.

Spa Services

After baby comes, moms deserve to feel a little spoiled too. Give her a gift certificate to her favourite spa so she can treat herself when she’s ready to do so.

House Cleaning Services

Just like getting meals, a new mom doesn’t want to have to worry about getting the house cleaned. A gift certificate from a local cleaning company will be not only helpful to new parents but they will be so thankful when they get to take advantage of this service.

Do Not knock or Ring Sign

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’ve just put the baby to sleep to have someone come and ring the doorbell and interrupt nap time. New parents can display this sign to let guests know to send a text instead of knocking, calling or ringing the doorbell when they’ve arrived for their visit. Bonus points that it helps let the delivery man know to just leave the Amazon package and go.

Baby Carrier

This gift will quickly become a favourite. Mom can keep her baby close and continue to on her day tackling anything she needs to get done. Make sure you look for a carrier that will allow the baby to sit in an M shape rather than have their legs dangle down.

Overnight Postpartum Doula Services

This is the perfect gift for you and a friend to go in together on. Elm City Doulas offers overnight postpartum care for new parents that will help them get the rest they are so desperately needing. Elm City Doulas also offers support during daytime and evening hours.

After Birth Survival Kit

No matter how the baby is born, a mom will need to recover. Fill a basket with things like stool softener, a water bottle to help remind her to keep up on her water intake, tucks pads, overnight maxi pads, a magazine, a journal, and pen. Bonus if you also put some nonperishable snacks in there that contain fibre.

Sound Machine

Did you know it’s really loud in the womb? A baby actually has a hard time adjusting to how quiet things can be and may not sleep very well because of that. Sound machines that produce white noise can be life savers

Tub Thermometer

This gift will allow parents to know when the water in the bathtub is at the perfect temperature for baby. Gone are the fears of having the water too hot or too cold.

A Gift From Their Registry

If you’re completely out of ideas, check to see if she has registered anywhere and pick an item from their list. These items were hand selected by them so whatever you get off the list will be much appreciated.

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