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Placenta Encapsulation

Many Fredericton women are choosing to encapsulate their placentas and for good reason.

Encapsulating the placenta offers many benefits to help a woman recover from childbirth and have a more satisfying postpartum experience.

This service is performed by a trained and certified placenta specialist who has received hands on training, a blood borne pathogens safety course as well as a food handling safety course. At Elm City Doulas, we take great pride in our standards of encapsulation and are proud to offer the safest encapsulation in the city.

We perform all of our encapsulations in our client’s homes to give our clients peace of mind that their placentas have not been compromised or contaminated in any way. As well as ensuring our clients that it is, in fact, their placenta they are going to have encapsulated.

Your placenta specialist will come to your home with everything they need to perform the service for you. The time it takes to complete an encapsulation generally takes 2 days however your placenta specialist will only need to be at your home for approximately 2 hours each day.

Did you know your placenta specialist is also a postpartum doula? That’s right! While your placenta specialist is at your home, feel free to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have about your new baby or postpartum recovery.

After you have begun taking your placenta capsules, you may notice:

  • Increased energy
  • Balance of hormones
  • Increase in breast milk supply
  • reduced postpartum bleeding
  • Increase in iron levels


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