On December 5th, 2016, the New Brunswick Government made an official announcement that it would finally be implementing midwives and the clinic would be up and running in 4-6 months. Since the announcement has been made, we have been flooded with questions on what the difference is between a doula and a midwife and how we work together. 


Let’s start with a midwife

  • Midwives have received a post-secondary education and medical training on pregnancy and childbirth
  • They are primary medical providers
  • They deal with low-risk pregnancies
  • They help deliver babies in hospitals and at home
  • Midwives perform medical tasks such as listening to fetal tones (your unborn baby’s heartbeat), perform cervical exams, give medical advice and prescribe medications.



  • A doula is a birth support specialist and has gone through an extensive training with a certifying organization
  • They provide women and their partners with emotional, informational support during pregnancy and in the postpartum period, and continuous physical support during labour and birth.
  • Doulas can provide their services during all types of pregnancies and birth
  • They attend hospital births and now will be able to attend home births as soon as midwives begin working in Fredericton
  • Doulas do not perform medical tasks like a midwife does nor offer medical advice or prescribe or suggest medications


Do you need a midwife and a doula?

Just like an OB/GYN, midwives and doulas work cohesively together. Your midwife’s job is to make sure that you have a safe delivery and will come to your birthing location to provide medical support to ensure the safe delivery of your baby. Often times midwives do not come until birth is imminent. This is where a doula becomes an asset to add to your birth team. A doula will come to you at the location of your choice at any point in your labour and help you by providing non-medical support. She will work with your partner to provide comfort measures to help make the labour experience easier. She will ease any fears you have and provide you with any information you may need during this time. If you choose to deliver in the hospital or need a transfer, your doula, as well as your midwife, will go with you and remain by your side until your baby has been born.


Midwives and doulas go together like milk and cookies. 


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We are so pleased to say that Fredericton officially has a midwifery practice! If you would like more information about midwives or would like to register for one, click here. 


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