When it comes to safe sleep, Health Canada recommends putting your baby on a firm mattress, in a crib on their backs. But many parents are turning to the latest product on the market called baby nests.

Baby nests, also called baby pods, are a soft square or oval shaped product that was designed for parents to be able to have their babies in their bed for bed-sharing, yet their infant is in their own space inside the baby nest. The makers of baby nests also say that they can be great as travel beds for infants as well.

Recently, Health Canada has released a warning regarding these products to warn parents against using them for infant sleep. The problem with these baby nests is that they have a soft surface with plush sides that can cause your baby to roll and suffocate or breathe in recycled air (C02) that can also lead to death.

When buying a product that will be used for your baby to sleep in, it is important that you keep this checklist in mind

  • A firm and flat surface
  • Doesn’t have wide openings or gaps
  • No cords, ribbons or strings

Health Canada also suggests not buying any products that you place in a bed or attached to a bed due to the risk or suffocation or entrapment


Do you own one of these baby nests? No worries! These products can still have other great uses such as:

  • Changing pad
  • Tummy time mat
  • Lounger


Elm City Doulas is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding safe sleep for your precious babies.


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