Why would anyone hire a doula you may ask?

Evidence suggests that having a doula present during labour and delivery is actually more beneficial than going without. Many people have thought that doulas are only for women attempting a natural birth. Not true! A doula can be helpful no matter what type of birth you are planning. Whether it be completely unmedicated or a planned cesarean section.

The role of a doula is to provide educational, emotional and physical support all throughout pregnancy, labour and birth. Specifically, the doulas at Elm City Doulas meet with a couple two times during the pregnancy to get to know you and then help you figure out what type of birth it is that is best for you. We then provide you and your partner with continuous support from the moment we are called up until two hours after delivery. After you have come home, we provide an additional two hour postpartum in home visit to check in and see how things are going.

Previous clients who have had doula services with Elm City Doulas have commented that their care felt so personal and it was nice having a familiar face to assist them during labour and birth.

If you are thinking of having a doula be apart of your birth team, look no further than the doulas at Elm City Doulas.

All of the doulas at Elm City Doulas have been professionally trained to ensure the highest quality of service that you can have. Our doulas believe in compassionate, non-judgmental care and work with your partner and all of your medical providers cohesively. Our philosophy is to support whatever decisions you decide to make in regards to your birth and parenting choices. It is not our place to push an agenda on how you should birth or parent your baby.

Our doulas work with your partner and have a team approach. We do not replace or take over for your partner, instead, we value them.

Elm City Doulas works as a team to provide you guaranteed doula services.

Choosing to make an investment withElm City Doulas means that you are ensured of receiving professional and unbiased care throughout your pregnancy and birth as well as into the postpartum period.

Elm City Doulas works as a team to provide you guaranteed doula services. You will never have to wonder who your backup doula is or fear not having a doula for any reason. Every doula on our team is skillful and qualified to help you and your partner during birth.

We offer an array of services to meet your needs like the birth doula services as well as postpartum doula services. All of which come with payment plans available if needed.

The doulas of Elm City Doulas would love to have an in-person complimentary consultation with you today.

Contact us today to book yours!

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