Did you know that your body can show early signs of pregnancy even before you miss your period?


It’s true! Only a few days after implantation occurs, you may pick up on early signs of pregnancy long before the missed period happens.



30% of women experience spotting in early pregnancy. This spotting, also called implantation bleeding occurs approximately 6-12 days after the sperm has fertilized the egg. This spotting is caused by the embryo burrowing into the uterine wall and will appear a pinkish or even a brown color. Implantation bleeding is typically very short; one to two days in length and will be very light.



Thanks to the rapid increase in progesterone caused by the pregnancy hormone HCG, you may be feeling exhausted! Many women experience fatigue during the first trimester of pregnancy and often times is one of the first signs of pregnancy. During the second trimester, most women report that the fatigue seems to go away and then returns late into the 3rd trimester.



As many as 90% of women experience this symptom during their first trimester and it is often reported to be one of the first signs of pregnancy. This symptom is caused by high levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG in the body. Most women report that they feel nauseous until the second trimester of pregnancy when the pregnancy hormone starts to level out.


Heightened sense of smell

One of the first clues that you may be pregnant is your incredible sense of smell. With this new ability to smell things from what seems like a mile away, you may find that the smells that you used to love will make you feel sick. Sometimes you will develop food aversions simply because of how things smell.


Tender Breasts

This early sign can happen very early on. Some women experience very tender breasts that can be so tender, it hurts to wear a bra. Other may feel that their breasts have a fuller feeling. During pregnancy, your breasts can grow as much as 2 or more cup sizes. Even your band sizes can increase.


Signs your period is coming

Finding out you’re pregnant may come as a complete shock, especially if you’re not experiencing any of the other classic early pregnancy signs. Instead, you may experience typical signs that your period will come. This includes cramping, mood swings, skin breakouts and bloating. While it may make you a bit nervous that you may not be having any of the other classic early pregnancy signs, what you are experiencing is completely normal. Some women don’t experience the early tell-tale signs of pregnancy and only experience signs of their period coming. Usually, a few days or weeks after a pregnancy test has been taken, they will experience the other classic symptoms of pregnancy.


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