In the day and age we live in with social media so readily available at any time, we can sometimes find ourselves posting some pretty personal information and sometimes even making a few faux pas such as making an announcement that wasn’t our place to make.  

How many times have we scrolled through our news feeds to find a status update saying, “xxxxx’s in labour right now! Baby will be here today!!” Or “My nephew is finally here. I’m an Auntie!.” Or perhaps we see a picture of a sweet little newborn fast asleep in the hospital cot with a caption that reads, “Isn’t my best friend’s baby the sweetest girl ever?!.”

Maybe we’re the ones behind the posts and picture updates. But here is something that perhaps we didn’t consider before. Was this our announcement to make? Did we have permission to post these updates and pictures? Did we even ask before we posted? It’s something most of us have done without thinking about it.

When the new parents are ready to make the announcement of the arrival of their new little one, they may find it’s already been done and that special moment has been taken away. They’ve been anticipating making this special announcement to their friends and family for the past few months and now someone else has done that and probably without their permission to do so.

These announcements from excited friends and family are met with the best of intentions but we need to keep in mind that we were not pregnant, this is not our baby and this is not our announcement to make. Let’s remember to not post these special announcements unless we have the parents permission or until they’ve made the special announcement themselves

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