You’ve decided that you would like to have a doula for your birth and you’re ready to begin the interview process. We all know the standard questions like “where did you do your training, what are your rates, etc.” But here are 5 important questions you should consider asking your potential doula.


Do you work with a backup doula?

Not only is it important to find out if they work with a backup doula, but will this back up doula give you all the same services you paid for from your primary doula? There are times when your doula will get sick, have a family emergency and cannot make it to your birth. But that doesn’t mean you should go without support! Elm City Doulas work in teams of two in both Fredericton and Saint John and you get to meet BOTH of your doulas. Both doulas will attend the two prenatal meetings we provide so they can get to know both you and your partner and figure out how they can best serve you. All Elm City Doulas have received an extensive in-person training so we can guarantee that you are receiving the best support no matter which doula from your team attends your birth.


Will you support my birth choices?

It is imperative that you find a doula who will truly provide non-judgmental support and respect all of your birth choices. Doulas are not just for women who decide they would like to have an unmedicated birth. Elm City Doulas proudly supports families who would like births with medication, cesarean births, as well as unmedicated births. We believe one method of birth is not superior to the other and we will stand by you and your choices no matter what they are. If you feel like you will be judged because you decide you need an epidural, it will not make for a positive birthing experience. Pick a doula who will make you feel not only comfortable but supported in your choices.


When do you go on call?

Does your doula only have a certain number days out of the month that they will be available to you? What would happen if you went into labour outside of that call time? Could you be guaranteed that you’ll have a doula who would be there? Elm City Doulas understands that babies sometimes don’t come when they are expected to. This is why your doula team will be on call for you from the moment your contract is signed. If you have questions or concerns or if there is an emergency happening, someone from your doula team will be there for you.


Do you have a legal contract?

Contracts are an important thing and they protect both you and your doula. Part of being a professional doula means having a legal binding contract. It will clearly outline the services your doula provides as well as the rate for services and what happens if these things aren’t met. Having a doula is an investment in your birthing experience. Be sure you are protected in case your doula doesn’t follow through with her end of the bargain. Elm City Doulas is a legally owned business that operates according to the laws of New Brunswick and has legal contracts that protect you and your doula team.


Do you work well with my medical birthing team?

Elm City Doulas strives to have positive working relationships with all the medical providers that will be apart of your birthing team in both Fredericton and Saint John. It is important that your doula work well with all the staff that will be apart of the medical aspect of your care to ensure that there is no disruption in regards to your labour and birth. There is nothing any worse than feeling like there is an awkward tension happening while you’re trying to be in the zone and work through your contractions. We are proud of how well our doulas get along with the medical providers and maintain excellent working relationships with everyone from the amazing nurses, doctors, and midwives who will provide excellent medical care to you and your baby. When interviewing your potential doula, be sure to find out how well they work with the medical staff at both the hospital as well as the midwives.


Elm City Doulas is currently accepting clients for 2018! We are a full-service doula agency providing services in both Fredericton and Saint John, New Brunswick.

Our agency offers:

  • Professional birth doula services
  • Professional postpartum doula services
  • The safest placenta encapsulation in New Brunswick
  • Comprehensive group and private prenatal classes
  • Birth pool rentals


We’d love to hear from you! Contact us today to schedule a consultation with a doula team for your upcoming birth.







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