If you’re heading out for some last minute Easter gift ideas but don’t want to stock up on so much candy, we have 5 candy-free ideas for your little one’s Easter Basket


Crafting Supplies

Kids love to do crafts and Michaels often has 50% off coupons on any last minute Easter crafts. This could be anything from a felt craft for younger kids or a craft that involves building for the older kids


Rain Gear

Spring is the season of mud puddles and melting snow. Easter is a great time to buy some new rain gear for your kiddos such as boots and a rain coat. Check out the Muddy Buddy for the little ones so they can splash away without worry of getting soaked.


Bath Bombs

I don’t know about your little ones, but mine are OBSESSED with bath time. So this year I decided to stop at Lush to pick up the golden egg bath bomb for my oldest and a yellow submarine bath bomb for my youngest to make bath time a little more fun.


Sidewalk Chalk

On those nice sunny spring afternoons, head out to the driveway and have the kids let their creativity run wild with this fun gift.



For my family, we like to buy books such as Peter Rabbit this time of year or other books relating to Easter. Head to Chapters to find a great selection of these books.

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